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New Maternity Unit

We are very pleased to announce that our new maternity wing is now complete and operational. Midhill Hospital has been providing quality maternal healthcare for our local community for 26-years. After recognizing that the needs of our maternal patients have slowly changed over time, we realized that we needed to upgrade our maternity facility.

Although we continuously improve and upgrade our facilities and equipment, we wanted to make a quantum leap to advance to the new global maternity standards.

The plans for the new unit were developed in collaboration with our staff, maternity patients, and international health consultants. We also used feedback from our community and incorporated it into a design that best serves the population.

Rather than just coming up with a building that houses medical staff and patients, we took the time to sit down with experts. We engaged with a building engineer (Rinald van der Wal – Senior Expert PUM Netherlands), a hospital social worker (Jules van Dam – Senior Expert PUM Netherlands), and two architects to come up with a plan to move our maternity unit forward.

“It is great that our community has given us feedback and requested for accessible and affordable healthcare within the area, we are there for pleased to be opening our new inpatient facility to serve the community better,” Dr. Wanjira Kinuthia, Ph.D., Director.

Our ground floor unit has a capacity of 25-beds, 2-delivery rooms, and, a theatre. Our ward space includes two private wards, one maternity ward, one female ward, one labor ward, and two male wards. “This is just the first phase in what will continue to be an endeavor to provide what the community needs,” Gateri Kinuthia.

The new facility means safer childbirth, more space, and improved working conditions for doctors and medical staff. The ergonomic design will create easier movement and better privacy for patients. We want our patients to have the comforts of home at our facility; this will make for better and faster deliveries.

“The new unit is great news for maternity patients and us in the medical field; we are aiming to create a learning facility where we can both work and educate ourselves,” Gichiru Kinuthia – RN, MPH, Ph.D. Student, Director.

We will be able to handle more maternity cases and cater to more patients. Having 2-delivery rooms’ means we can cater to more than one mother and child at a time. We also have a new, fully equipped theater where cesarean sections can be performed when the need arises.

This new unit has been built in line with set health and building codes. “This is just the beginning; we will continue the expansion with our patients and community in mind,” Wainaina Kinuthia – Director.

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